Design: No Substitute for Sketching by Hand

Architecture, at its best, expresses itself from the larger scale ripples a building's design can have on the urban fabric of its neighborhood, to the smallest details to be touched, felt or noticed in a quiet moment.  A computer program and skilled draftsperson can whip up a CAD drawing and insert standard details for a garage pretty quickly.  But when a talented architect takes the time to ponder the design of details, respond to the site and think of every choice as an opportunity, that's where real architectural magic can transpire!

This single page from Jodie's sketchbook - detailing a new One Architects project - expresses a thought process which addresses multiple perspectives and scales of a single element of the home.  She takes no detail for granted and begins to bring a dream - of what in this case what looks to be a pretty amazing garage - to life on the page.


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