Stairs as Art

I'm not going to lie: I'm mildly obsessed with stair design.  What an amazing opportunity to create a multi-dimensional piece of sculpture in a home, one which will be experienced not solely for travel, but often (as we noticed in architecture school) as a place of impromptu conversation, rest, and enjoyment.  A well designed stair is ergonomically comfortable, can create light and shadow which changes throughout the day, pull natural light between levels and even make music when in use.  Here are some of my favorite One Architects' stairs.

photos © Jennifer Koskinen | Merritt Design Photo


Seasons of One

one winter | one spring
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one summer (double page spread - click to enlarge)
Celebrate the seasons of Colorado and glimpse One's personalized architecture and style in this full page, seasonal ad campaign with Luxe magazine (Colorado edition).

Summer double page spread is on stands now and we are excited to share the gorgeous fall ad when it hits stands soon!

photos © Jennifer Koskinen | Merritt Design Photo


Beyond Drywall...

Several years ago, a client posed us the challenge not to use ANY drywall in his home.  This applied to the walls, the ceilings (see rusty metal ceiling in great room below), and even the garage, which ended up with washable, painted bead-board siding.

Creative use of materials is a great way to enhance the experience of a space with texture and color.  From earthy plaster textures to locally quarried stone, to rich board form concrete and galvanized metal - there is an abundance of alternatives to drywall and traditional sidings, and the opportunity to design with them can be hugely rewarding.

photos © Jennifer Koskinen | Merritt Design Photo