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Sketches from One Architects' recent travels to London & Barcelona.  For Jodie, an architect with the soul of an artist, "looking in every direction at any given moment and finding amazing architecture; old, new, weird, dirty, crazy" can be profoundly inspiring.  

Anticipation fills me as I look forward to seeing how recent travels inform One Architects' new designs!  See more of Jodie's gorgeous hand drawn maps at Hand Drawn Map Association.


Extraordinary Bathrooms

There's no rule that says a bathroom has to be a hidden room in the leftover space of a home.  

These designs release the bathroom from its tangential, hidden place -- one where we snuck off in quiet, perhaps shameful privacy -- and usher it into its more deserving place: 

A sanctuary for refreshing, clean and inspiring architecture to renew and invigorate.

all spaces designed by one architects, inc.  |  photos © Jennifer Koskinen | Merritt Design Photo